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Top 10 Manga/Manhwa with Good Plot and Art

1. I Have Max Level Luck

Our main character name is hansung. He was Korean pro player. And top-tier ranker in virtual reality game. But one day accidentally, he was trapped inside the game. It's hard to survive in that game because that game was so difficult. But by stoke of luck. Hansung suddenly got highest level of luck. and because of that Luck he got sss rank ability. It's win-win situation. And he already knows future items and what's going to happen in future. So it will be easy to survive in this game world. Well it's very interesting manhwa. You won't get bored after reading this. And character are also unique. With hansung our mc got tail by aassassin who loves him and also want to kill him ๐Ÿคฃ.

Rating:- 8/10

2. The First Sequence

Our main character name is Ren Xiaosu. Story take place where the great catastrophe struck humanity. And the humanity development went back many years. Now people living in two society. 1st With stronghold, rich people, Nobel one who have protection of big wall, army. 2nd are common people, who has hard time to eat. living in open with danger of monsters. But there are awakend people with ability. Who have unique type of power. Our Protagonist Ren Xiaosu also got supernatural powers by chance of luck. It's action, advanture type story with bit harem and lots of comedy. Mc is not some pushover. Mc believe in eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.

Rating:- 8/10

3. Death God

Our main character name is jongli Chu. He is kid with no tension and superpower. He can control rats. He was living life peacefully. But one day warrior of Death Heavenly sect killed his big brother. To avange him our mc killed that warriors. But he was chased by Death Heavenly sect. Then he was adopted by Crimson Assassin. But the first brother of Crimson Assassin killed some big shot Murim alliance. And because of mistake he got discovered by murim. The whole Murim is now trying to kill Crimson Assassin and our mc. And the contract of Crimson Assassin goes to beggar sect. The beggar sect chasing and our mc and Crimson Assassin is running. It's very interesting to read this play to running and chasing. Well it's very interesting and new manhwa with amazing art style.

Rating:- 8/10

Top 10 Manga/Manhwa with Good Plot and Art

4. Global Killing: Awakening SSS-Level Talent

Our main character name is Qin Feng. He was ordinary high schooler. But suddenly one day he was transferred into another world with monsters and Gods. There is also available system. Every person has unique ability. And our mc got sss rank ability. Endless extract. It's unique ability that can absorb and power and skill from player and monster. With this cheat type ability our mc will become leader of its server. Also mc is not pushover. He is very smart. So use brain fight and solve problems. it's very interesting to read. Well at some point after absorbing so much abilities mc become so op that you will get bored to read this manhwa. Well, certainly you will enjoy this Manhwa upto 30 chapters.

Rating:- 7/10

5. Global Martial Arts

Our main character name is Fang Ping. He is morden High school student in the Korea. He was brought back 10 years in the past. Or you can say he was transferred to parallel world with 10 years in the past. Because this world was bit different from his original world. This world is full of martial arts and cultivation with morden technology and people. This world rules is survival of the fittest. Means that you have to learn martial arts if you want to live happy. Our mc has many qualitys like shameless and greedy protagonist. He is good at words and deceive people in his trap using politics. Mc never lose in fight.

Rating:- 7/10

6. Garbage Hero

Our main character name is Tsukuru. He was ordinary high school student in Japan. Well, you can say that he was not an ordinary high school student but a pushover and loser High school student in the Japan. And yes this one is manga.(with no colour, only black and white). Well ourc and all his classmates transferred into another world ๐ŸŒ. With magic, zero logic, demon king, big booty queen etc. Our mc got garbage class cook with rank G. So no one wants him. And he can't go back to original world. He was kicked by prist into forest. With no help at all. But here is twist. He has skill like ignite and dismantle. With just word dismantle he can cut any monster as food. With unique power like healing, strength, agility. This one is best class available. How he will get revenge? You have read this Manga to know. 

Rating:- 8/10

Top 10 Manga/Manhwa with Good Plot and Art

7. Dungeon Reset

Our main character name is Dawun. He was ordinary person in the Korea. One day suddenly, he was transferred into world of dungeon. Where one rabbit ๐Ÿฐ was explaining everything. The rabbit ๐Ÿ‡ was guide of the dungeon game. One guy suddenly got aggressive and started talking bullshit but rabbit killed him with his finger ๐Ÿค˜. Everyone started panicking. But rabbit after fear of rabbit everyone become silent. rabbit gave weapon and said go and Survive. Everyone has obtained some special abilitys. They fight monster and Survive. But our mc beat that rabbit boss in very funny way. Interesting and unique story with great art style.

Rating:- 8/10

8. Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

Our main character name is Hyuk Woon Seong. Our mc was student in spear master sect. He and his master was framed that they learned forbidden demonic cultivation techniques. Helplessly killed by orthodox sect. But in verge of death the artifact of spear master sect. Emitted strange light. That artifact gave him new life. In the demonic cult. He promised himself to take Vengeance on the orthodox sect for his master and himself. He trained hard to become strong. He mixed his previous life techniques with his demonic techniques and become more powerful. Well it has great art. With slowly developing story. You have to read 20 chapters to make intrest in this manhwa.

Rating:- 8/10 

9. Peerless Dad

Our main character name is Noh Gajang. And it's story where 35 years old person save the world instead of some 9 year old kid. Peerless dad has many side story and main story like Red Storm, Gwanjeon - Lee Kang-jin, Sunyu of the Shadowless. It's slow kingdom building story. With amazing character and unique design. Mc was worries throughout his life. But he decided to let go bad work to live peaceful life with his wife. His wife was from secret Murim family with special powers. Because of that power she died early. Later on mc protect his children from all sorts of trouble. and created his own faction, with military power. This story has everything Politics, Murim, demon, Imperial family fighting each other. 

Rating:- 9/10

10 Martial Arts Reigns

As usual our main character name is ye Ming!. What do you expect from manhua. A good story development, Nice art style, No High harem, Mid level op mc, if you expecting something like this from this Manhwa then you are at wrong place buddy. I mean this Manhua is literally dogsht. With no story, no logic at all. Chapter start,
Mc:- breathing 
someone got offended:- how dare you breath in front me.
Fighting scene, mc win with so much op op op power. 
Offended person:- I will tell my brother/father/master. 
Mc:- Scram you shtdog.
That's the whole story of this manhua. Story not going anywhere. Mc kills villain with op power. New villain appear, after five chapters that villain also killed and so on. Currently it has 500+ chapters. And mc is still in martial arts realms.(one of beginner level). So that's it for this sht.

Rating:- 5/10

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