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Here is the 8 Manga/Manhua like Tales Of Demons And Gods

8. Master of Gu

Chapters: 96
Status: Stopped
Rating: 4.8

Well, you can say that this is the story of villain. I mean if you like villain type Manhwa then this manhwa is for you.

It's also a Reincarnation version, Gu is one type of worm πŸ›, or insect πŸ¦‹, you can have their power πŸ”₯, if you can perfectly refine gu then you can become master of gu, and that's the name of this manhwa.

As it's name suggests it's not children manhwa, it's and 18+ manhwa (i mean Ruthless type manhwa), it's very Ruthless and powerful that china banned this manhwa so this Manhwa can't be finished anymore 😒...

7. Feng Shen Ji

Chapters: 182
Status: Complete
Rating: 4.5
It's art is very different and intresting.

Feng Shen ji manhwa story is also very different from others, in this era gods control humans

There are bad gods and good gods, like Haven and earth, like winner winner πŸ† chicken πŸ” dinner πŸ₯£, i mean whoever is powerful will become rular.

A human man gou (the protagonist) stand against God for humans, the fights will not disappoint you and It's amazingly written. Well made Manhwa with no loop holes. ⛳.

6. The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life

Chapters: 31
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 4.5

The Heavenly Demon as it's name suggests was a great and powerful πŸ’₯ Murim master and sect leader. after he die after old age and transferred in western countries history, i mean in place of knight and mana.

After transferring big family like Dimitry he started his journey to the west, i mean his life journey, his name was Roman And was idiot in eyes of family members but Heavenly Demon 😈 as Roman Dimitry, kill whole gang by himself and started wrecking havoc to his enemies. He rejected many girls proposal 😹😹😹.

It's very interesting 🐱 story with unique design and characters, i strongly suggest you to read this, you won't be bored πŸ₯±.

Manga like tales of demons and gods


5. All Hail The Sect Leader

Chapters: 150
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 4.5

Story starts with one idiot wangπŸ₯΄. Who tried to jump 🦘 off from cliff πŸ”️ and survived. Then he established iron bone sect. The sect lucky man ♂️, who have Haven power πŸ”₯ of luck 🀞.

Sect Leader wang πŸ₯΄ tried his best and sect became very popular 🀩. Then sect leader was sent to the jail for having fun in brothels, after he was executed for escaping from jail.

And Jun changxiao and Last disciple or last person in " Iron bone sect ", He was going toilet πŸͺ  late at night πŸŒ‰ and hit " Iron bone sect nameplate " and died ☠️. New person from earth 🌍. Transferred in his body with system helping him.

Well, this Manhwa is mainly comedy and and have a lots of action scenes with amazing storytelling.
 4. Strongest Anti M.e.t.a

Chapters: 491
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 4.8

This Manhwa is very interesting 🐱. With very high Chapters.

Story starts with an earth 🌍 boy transfer into Murim world with the system. But this system is very interesting. System will give you power when make fool of others. Like you don't know sh*t about Martial arts. But you wil say that I am immortal with power πŸ”₯ of destroy whole earth 🌎 with your one nail πŸ’…. 🀣🀣🀣.

You have to Scam people to have a power through system. Like boasting and many more. This Manhwa is very funny and intresting with unique character design.

If You read this Manhwa then you might die by laughing to much 🀣.

3. Murim login

Chapters: 117
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 4.7

Murim login is also very unique manhwa story, it's combination of Solo leveling and Cultivation based Manhwa. MC of this manhwa is trash πŸ—‘️ and F rank hunter and very little power and always used as Cannon fodder by others. His life was hell and can't earn anything

One day he found Machine from trash. That machine was old. He tried to start machine was transferred into Murim world 🌍 that's why This manhwa is called Murim login. He awake in very powerful family. And after finishing task given by system. He became very powerful and awoke in real life πŸ–️. Then he became almost powerful πŸ”₯ as B rank Hunter. He can login in that machine whenever he want.

I think πŸ€” his murim life Comedy and action is better then a real life.
 2. Legend of the Northern Blade

Chapters: 130
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 5.0

As it's name says, it's legendary manhwa with lots of character

There is sect in North and Leader is very good man. But you know right. Leader got stab in the back by his own brothers because that leader might become more powerful then whole Murim world.

You can't say who is wrong and who is right because everyone have their own backstory. And our MC Jin mu is clam, collective but also a fool.

In this manhwa villain are not villain and hero's are not hero, villain are hero and hero are villain...

1. Nano machine

Chapters: 110
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 10.0

Think πŸ€”, you are living in the time of cave man 😹, and you got super mecha armour with everything loded, no need to charge, no need load, no need manually, everything is automatic and the way you want.

Nano machine is just like that. The MC got nano machine when he was near to death in " Murim World " This machine connect through his body, and can repair body damage, learn anything faster and many uses.

This Manhwa is not gold πŸͺ™ but whole gold mine πŸ’Ž, πŸͺ™, ⚡ with every unique Characters with Smart, Calm, Collective, Ruthless, Merciless MC

This MC Raise his own murim army πŸͺ–, Connections and many more

Every chapter with cliffhanger, Tales of Demons and Gods maybe πŸ€” more popular 🀩 right now but in My Opinion " Nano Machine " is the best Manhwa ever made.

Manga like tales of demons and gods

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