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Best Manga or Manhwa to Read Right now 

1. +99 Wooden Stick

You have been waiting for long time. And your wait is now over because I am going to introduce you best Underrated and gold ๐Ÿช™ Manhwa with currently 37 chapters. Our main character name is ji-u. I am warning you because this Manhwa is too op. I mean too much op. But very very enjoyable. Then what about fun? Every chapter is too much funny ๐Ÿคฃ. With lot of meme reference. This Manhwa is based on game. You login in game world and play. Mc is very poor so he can't buy expensive items. But unexpectedly he found wooden stick ๐Ÿ’ and that stick was 99+ powerful. In just first episode mc killed half of the game world ๐ŸŒŽ. And in three episodes he destroyed whole game Universe. You might thinking that there is no more story to tell but every chapter has cliffhanger. Every chapter is connected unexpectedly. Chapter 1 is connected to chapter 22. Story has almost no loopholes. You will get something new everytime. Great art, Great comedy, great story. With zero common sense.

Rating:- 10/10

2. I Used to be a Boss

Our main character name is baphomet. This Manhwa is very different from your usuall Manhwa. In usual Manhwa hunter raid dungeons and clear them or raid tower and defeat 100th floor boss monster ๐Ÿ‘น. But our protagonist is pure villan. He was 100th floor boss himself. So the story went like this. 100th floor is too much powerful that he defeated many hunters but one hunter Defeated him but hunter also died in the process. Then boss suddenly become human. But loser Human. He is not powerful as it was in his boss form. But here is catch that every time he show sympathy for human. He will get some of his power back. He has no knowledge of human world. Because of that many funny scenes are created. This Manhwa is new and interesting. With enjoyable story. 

Rating:- 9/10

3. I have an SSS-rank Trait, but I want a Normal Life

Well in this manhwa mc is very ordinary. I mean he wants to be a ordinary but he can't. Mc want to live ordinary life. But world doesn't want him to live like that. This Manhwa story is pretty obvious with hunter hunting monster. Dungeon, Demons, etc. Mc was living good life but one day he got hit by system. With sss-rank ability. But He got shit*y knight class in trait. You might be thinking why it's shit*y class ?. Because every time mc attack he have to say that hey bro, i am attacking you. Be ready be prepared. He have to spout Some nonsense. He can't even run away if he is losing. He have to follow protocol and rules and etc... Even with that story is enjoyable and fun to read.

Rating:- 8/10

Best Manga or Manhwa to Read Right now 

4. Life of a Magic Academy Mage

Our Protagonist is Pushover. I mean he was pushover in his previous life. Professor give him work and he has to do all work. And one day after dying he transferred into another world. He was born in famous Mage family. But that family has strange rule. That oldest son will heritage all family money. And others will not get any panny. Our Protagonist is youngest son in the family. So he has to live by himself. That's why he chooses magic as his future path. He joined greatest magic academy in the world. Mc is naturally gifted in magic. But that's have very fatal weakness in that world. (You will know after reading). Every day something new and funny happens. It's good story. You can pass your time. Not very Awesome and not too bad. Pretty much enjoyable story.

Rating:- 7/10

5. Versatile Mage

I want to tell you guys something secret about this Manhwa. You will be shocked after listening secret. The secret is that this Manhwa is trash ๐Ÿ—‘️. Or I can say the trash is better than this Manhwa. But the shoking thing is that this Manhwa got 252 million + views with currently ongoing chapters. I mean who TF read this Manhwa. How can they endure this much trashyness. Story is sh*t, art sh*t, login sh*t, Fast paced leveling up, etc... Story is that one day mc wake up and everything is changed. Every thing got magic. His normal high school now teach magic. World got monster. Magician have to fight monster.

Rating:- 4/10

6. Star Martial God Technique

This manhua is from same author as Tales of Demons and Gods. This manhua is Chinese. Our main character name is Ye XingHe. This one is generic cultivation manhua where mc got plot armour and zero common sense. Mc will win by luck, fate and cultivation. In this manhua world there are twelve paths to gain enlightenment and go to God. These twelve paths will give you immortality. Everything whatever you want. Money, women, power, etc. But this paths very very long without the end. It's endless that's why no one became immortal yet. And the star Martial God Technique can make you immortal god With everything you wished for. So my friend don't waste your time anymore. Just read this trashy manhua and become immortal god.

Rating:- 6/10

Best Manga or Manhwa to Read Right now 

7. A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

Our Protagonist name is Desir Arman. As the name suggests our Protagonist come back from future to past and has knowledge of what's going to happen next. The story pace is slow but it's worth reading. Action scenes are amazing. Mc is not much op. And mc try to resolve anything with his mind and planning. Mc used power of friendship to win against his enemy's. Mc is good commanding skills. Mc acknowledge his weakness and try to overcome himself. Mc don't fight like usual op mc who got higher power level and beat the shit out of opponent. Mc power comes from knowledge, skill, experience. It has good art. And amazing storytelling. You should try at least one time.

Rating:- 8/10

8. The Beginning After The End

Our main character name is Arthur. In his previous life Arthur was king gray. After death of king gray. He transferred into another world with magic and monster. Arthur has his previous life experience and utilise in the new life. Arthur mother father is retired advantures. He begins his new life journey new continent of Dicathen. Arthur has something new that he didn't have in his previous life. It's magic ✨. And you can say he is pretty much op mc type character. I mean your avarage person will have affinity with one of four elements like wind, fire, earth, water. But Arthur has power of all four elements. it's pretty good and enjoyable story with awesome art and light comedy.

Rating:- 9/10

9. Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Well this one is also tras* manhua. With your usual story. Where mc is too op op that he can beat anyone. With old man his friends. He cured this old man. Then he got beauty and beat the shit out in whole world. This story is so famous that there is almost 20+ story is same as this story. Because Chinese copy paste style. 5th grade students copy this story and make new manhua. Chen fan is main character of Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator. And the cultivatior was Rebirth in morden era. Where he uses his knowledge of God and beat anyone in his way. With stinky Brat and courting death style. The main dilogue of this story is " brat are you courting death ".

Rating:- 4/10

Best Manga or Manhwa to Read Right now 

10. God Of Martial Arts

Well here you go with another shi* manhua with lot of arrogency and easily offended people. No logic, no common sense you just have to cultivate for 2 second and boom ๐Ÿ’ฅ you are too op op. Just fight with arrogant people and win. You have beauty and power and boom, boom, boom. Mc can beat anyone with his cultivation and shi* logic. Our main character name is Lin Feng. He is patriarch of yun high sect. Mc was Reincarnated from morden world to this world. A girl and boy fool him in the past and sent him to prison. After death our protagonist from another world transferred into this body. Then he takes revenge on that boy and girl and become student of yun hai sect.

Rating:- 3/10

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